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What is Xeriscape Landscaping and How to tell if You’re Ready For it

January 15, 2020

Colorado has always placed emphasis on balanced land use in Colorado to protect our natural resources, ecosystems and our earth. Many people believe, however, that a sustainable landscape requires sacrificing green and color for a bland, dry look. This is simply not true. Our design professionals deliver xeriscape landscaping services that bring colorful, sustainable landscapes throughout the year.

What is Xeriscape Landscaping?

The term “xeriscape” was coined by Denver Water in 1981, refers to the dry-resistant landscape that a series of basic principles have achieved. Such guidelines include the preparation, diligent cultivation and use of indigenous plants which can withstand the dry months without being too taxing on our important water resources.

Proper Planning is Essential

Our experts know how to assess a property for soil type, precipitation, temperature and plant type conditions. The soil can be improved to provide a good nutritional balance. Native plants can be introduced back to the site. The overall design can include high traffic areas, focal points and practical utilization of turf or soil cover.

Landscape with Xeriscape

Using Water Responsibly

The creation of hydrozones is a critical part of the process. The plants are arranged to fulfill their watering specifications and placed in areas where water absorption and runoff are balanced. We then design a system that responds to local water requirements depending on your plant species, avoids erosion and facilitates deep rooting by watering deeply rather than on a frequent basis using intelligent irrigation technology.

Xeriscape LandscapeXeriscape Landscaping: Mulch and Maintenance

Proper maintenance and consistent use of mulch complete the best methods for effective xeriscape landscaping. The application of organic mulches helps to reduce evaporation of water, reduce growth of weeds, stabilize soil temperatures and deter erosion. Moreover, Mulch adds lovely visual interest. Wearing, fertilizing, pruning and more are part of our specialist upkeep. Everything is designed for an amazing and sustainable ecosystem.


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