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Lawn Mites

February 7, 2018

Turf damage due to mites is common February through May in Colorado, especially in years like this when precipitation is below average, and the lawn gets no winter watering.  Depending on the severity of the mite infestation, turf damage may range from minor thinning to complete kill.

Areas of your lawn will be brown and straw-like in appearance when mites are present.  Unfortunately, these areas will not be visible until early spring.  Damage occurs most often on south or west facing exposures where turf received direct sun exposure. Small areas of infestation may recover over time.  In some cases, seeding or sodding may be the only solution.

How to Prevent Mites:

Mites do not tolerate moist conditions, so watering your lawn during dry spells will help keep mites at bay.  If you decide to winter water, temperatures must reach 40 degrees and allow enough time for the moisture to soak into the lawn.  Areas that receive direct sun exposure should be your first areas to water.  These are generally the south and west facing sides.

There are also chemical applications that can be applied to prevent the appearance of mites.  We can recommend a company to apply this if you wish.

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